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Mobile LiDAR is LiDAR installed on a vehicles for the purposes of collecting cloud points of the roadways to extract roadway features. Such roadway features may include guardrails, sidewalks, curbs, lane information, bicycle lanes, signs, signal poles, and streetlights to name a few. Traditionally, these features are manually extraction from the cloud points because of lack of automatic measuring tools. Manually extracting data from LiDAR data requires significant time and labor, especially considering LiDAR data on a road segment is typically re-collected approximately every three years and road feature data always needs to be updated. LiDAR Matrix has developed a GIS Toolbox to automatically extract highly accurate road geometric features from mobile LiDAR data. The AI LiDAR data processing engine takes the geolocated mobile LiDAR data as input, extracts road features required for traffic safety/operation/design tasks, and creates GIS data layers of extracted road features. The generated road feature data allows further query, analysis, and visualization in ArcGIS or any other GIS software or platform.

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